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  • Trophies

    Close Encounters (Bronze Trophy) - Survive 45 Seconds Without Shooting or Using Bombs - Survival*
    Extra Ships Optional (Bronze Trophy) - Survive 7 Minutes Without Dying - Endless*
    Hero of Coventina (Bronze Trophy) - Complete Planet Coventina - Arcade
    Hero of Lave (Bronze Trophy) - Complete Plantet Lave - Arcade
    Hero of Nemain (Bronze Trophy) - Complete Planet Nemain - Arcade
    Hero of Segomo (Bronze Trophy) - Complete Planet Segomo - Arcade
    Hero of Taranis (Bronze Trophy) - Complete Planet Taranis - Arcade
    Late Boomer (Silver Trophy) - Get 15 Bombs - Bomber*
    Multiplier Hero (Gold Trophy) - Get 10x Multiplier - Arcade
    Scenic Route (Silver Trophy) - Complete a Planet Without Using Boost - Arcade
    Scrooge MacBoom (Bronze Trophy) - Get 10 Bombs - Arcade
    Shield Blaster (Silver Trophy) - Collect 5 Shield Tokens While Already Having a Shield - Arcade
    Shock and Awe (Silver Trophy) - Destroy 10 Nukes - Endless*
    Split Screen Co-op (Gold Trophy) - Get 3 Minutes of Continuous Co-Op Weapon Boost on Segomo - Split Screen Co-op*
    The Tokenizer (Bronze Trophy) - Collect 5 Tokens in a Single Boost - Arcade
    Token Hoarder (Silver Trophy) - Collect 15 Tokens With a Single Boost - Arcade
    Well Prepared (Silver Trophy) - Get 20 bombs - Arcade
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Release date: Jun 28 2007 - PS3 (US)
Jun 28 2007 - PS3 (UK)
Available Platforms: PS3
Genre: Arcade
Published by: Sony Online Entertainment
Developed by: Housemarque
ESRB Rating:
Everyone: Fantasy Violence