Super Mario Galaxy - 120 Stars

You're undoubtedly one of the millions who're trying to collect all 120 stars in Mario Galaxy, and, just for you, we've spent hours collecting them all in one handy place. There's a video for each galaxy, each boss and all of the Luma galaxies that litter the hub area. We're assuming you can get the first Grand Star on your own.

For your own reference, there are six kinds of stars:

Power Stars (the most abundant)
Grand Stars (from boss battles)
Prankster Comets (traveling the universe, altering other galaxies' stars)
Purple Comets (100 coin challenges, the last clip in each video)
Hidden Stars (alternate paths in specific areas)
Green Stars (three highly elusive stars that unlock three Trial Galaxies)

You won't be able to get everything until after you beat the game, so don't worry about incomplete levels until the very end. To find stars in our videos, simply scroll to the time code listed next to the star's name. Once you do have them all, there might be something else to shoot for after the credits roll...

Good Egg Galaxy
Dino Piranha (first on video)
A Snack of Cosmic Proportions (30 seconds)
King Kaliente's Battle Fleet (2:40)
Dino Piranha Speed Run (4:16)
Luigi on the Roof (4:45)
Purple Coin Omelet (5:20)

Honeyhive Galaxy
Bee Mario Takes Flight (first on video)
Trouble on the Tower (1:50)
Big Bad Bugaboom (3:25)
Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race (4:35)
Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom (5:00)
Honeyhive's Purple Coins (5:40)

Flipswitch / Loopdeeloop Galaxies
Painting the Planet Yellow / Surfing 101

For this observatory's boss, see theboss stars page.