Puppeteer head locations guide

Act 5: Fear of the Dark

Curtain 1

56: Pumpkin

Right at the start of the stage you will come to a large pumpkin with a moon and star for eyes. Whack it in the star eye and the pumpkin will fall out.

57: Cake

Near the end of the first stage, there will be a large piece of floating birthday cake. Hit it and the head will fall out.

58: Ghost

After you talk to the scarecrow, hit him for the head to fall out.

59: Candy

When you reach General Dog, hit the three pieces of candy around his head and youwill get osme candy for yourself.

60: Brain

When fighting General Dog, hit the top of his head and his brain will pop out for you to wear as a head. Gross.

Curtain 2

61: Candy House

When you crash through the gate after rolling through the level, the head will fall for you.

62: Blnyken

When you are running from the pumpkin monster and he is crushing the platforms with his hands, you will come to a ring of moon sparkles floating in a circle. Hit Blynken who will be on the column behind the fence there.

63: Nod

Just after you find Blynken, you will need to cut some cream to get on platforms. The third platform will have a gate on it. Hit it and the head will come out.

64: Nebula

When you defeat the pumpkin monster, you will receive this head for your troubles.

Curtain 3

65: Garlic

When you go underground, you will see a large tree and its roots are in the shape of garlic. Give it a whack to make the head drop out of it.

66: Devil

There are three black statues that are located in the graveyard. Hit all three statues and light up their eyes red to make this head fall out.

67: Owl

Just like the devil statues, there are three owls to hit to get this head. Look for them popping out of holes in trees.

68: Angel

To get this head, you will need to have the Devil head equipped. Reach the fourth statue in the graveyard and use the head to reveal an Angel statue which will then release the head.

69: Reaper

To get this head, you will need to defeat the Reaper Weaver boss.

70: Robot

When you reach the mansion, knock on the front door and the butler will answer. Hit the tray he is carrying and the head will pop out.

71: Dog

During the boss fight with Robo-Dog, hit him in the head when it is on the ground and the head will fly out for you.