Puppeteer head locations guide

Act 4: High Noon

Curtain 1

43: Prairie Dog

Hit the prairie dog three times as it pops out of the holes on the right side near the start.

44: Fossil

After you bounce up the large flower pads, at the top will be a skull in the wall. Break it out with Pikarina and the head will drop for you

45: Moon Witch

For this head you will need to hit the witch three times in 6 different places to make her cast her spell on Ying-Yang or Pikarina. The spots to hit her are when she appears in Act 1 Curtain 1, Act 1 Curtain 3, Act 2 Curtain 1, Act 3 Curtain 1, Act 3 Curtain 3, and finally in Act 4 Curtain 1. If you missed one, you can go back and hit her in the chapter you missed and still receive the head.

46: Guitar

Once you have the wrestler’s mask, hit the guitar player in the saloon. Once he finishes his song, this head will pop out.

47: Cowboy

In the second town stage, body slam to release the prisoners on the left. There will be one prisoner hanging around, so hit him with Pikarina and the hat will fall out.

48: Six-Shooter

Defeat the gunslinger Weaver and this will drop for you.

Curtain 2

49: Steak

On the second road stage, there is a sign to the right with a cow on it. Hit it with Pikarina and then cut through the steak that appears.

50: Lion

When on the train and the lions paw reaches up, hit the lock on the side of the car with Pikarina to make this head appear.

51: Locomotive

After you beat the train in the race, you will receive this at the station.

52: Horse

When you are at the boss battle, hit General Bull at the rear of the train with Pikarina to make him drop this

Curtain 3

53: Castanets

Near the start of the stage, you will pull out the first building that has a window and a guitar player inside it. Use the guitar head to play with him and a band will appear. Once they are done, the head will drop.

54: Rocket

Cut the rocket that launches at the top of the town and this will pop out for you.

55: Bull

While fighting General Bull in the coliseum, stun him and then hit him with Pikarina.