Puppeteer head locations guide

The adventure of the pint-sized puppet Kutaro takes you across many places and along the way gives you plenty of different heads to uncover and collect. There are 100 heads in total that you can find and put on your shoulders to allow you to access secret areas and performs certain actions. Some of the heads are given to you as rewards for defeating bosses, but there are tons that are cleverly hidden away in secret areas of backgrounds and interactive scenery. Below we have listed the location of where you can find each head to help you nab yourself the Head Hunter and Head Hoarder trophies.

Act 1: Stolen Away

Curtain 1:

1: Skull

This is the first head given to you as part of the story.

2: Spider

To get this head, smash the first floating pot that you come across.

3: Burger

Have Ying-Yang hit the large fast food items in the background.

4: Ying-Yang

For this head, you’ll need to return here once you have the Ninja bombs. Use the Ninja-bomb on middle pot with the bomb symbol to free the head.

5: Bat

To find this head, smash the first suit of armor you come across as soon as you enter the spiral staircase.

6: Banana

When you reach the top of the spiral ramp, hit the large painting to make the head and a load of banana peels appear.

7: Lock

Hit the large lock that is held up in the center of the screen just after you receive the Calibrus scissors.

8: Crown

You will receive this head once you have defeated the Weaver boss at the end of the level.

Curtain 2:

9: Vile Vine

You can find this in the first large green vine bud. Whack the right side if it to make it bloom and the head will fall out.

10: Iron Ball

Defeat the Weaver boss at the end of this level and you will receive the iron ball head.

Curtain 3:

11: Wynken

When you reach the large guillotine machine, hit the red headed puppet in front of it to bounce his head off to you.

12: Guillotine

You will receive this odd head after you defeat the guillotine.

13: Pikarina

To get this head, use the Crown head when facing the two shooting plants and the princess is in the cage.

14: Tiger

During the General Tiger boss fight, tickle the tiger’s nose three times to make the head appear.

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