Puppeteer head locations guide

Act 7: The Tyrant King

Curtain 1

86: Yeti

Hit the three girls hiding behind the trees through the first stage and the third one will toss this head out to you.

87: Snowman

When the snowman’s head rolls down the hill towards you at the dark section of the stage, hit it and the head will appear.

88: Christmas Tree

When you reach the three large Christmas trees where the large monkey is, hit the middle tree and the head will fallout.

89: Penguin

After the first race down the icy slopes in the cavern, hop up the platform directly to the left and you’ll see the purple penguin up to the right. Hit him with Pikarina to get the head.

90: UFO

When you reach the very bottom of the cavern and are fighting Grubs on the platform surrounded by lava, run around to the left to get to the rear of the center cylinder. On the backside will be a UFO symbol. Hit it and the head will drop out.

91: Monkey

When you are fighting General Monkey in space, he will eventually take off his helmet. When he does, hit him in the head and you will get this.

Curtain 2

92: Fighter Plane

Once you reach the top of the vines at the beginning of the stage, you will face off against two shooting plants and there will be a plane flying back and forth across the top of the screen. Hit the plane with Pikarina to get the head to fall out.

93: Gaff

Once you are halfway up the White Castle, placing the Moonstones in the alcoves next to the paintings, the Pirate Gaff will appear to talk to you. When he does, hit him with Pikarina and you will get a head for doing so.

94: Moon Goddess

When you reach the top of the circular ramp, placing the moonstones next to the paintings, you will come to a large painting like at the beginning of the game where you received the Banana head. Hit the painting and you will receive this head.

95: White Castle

Once you have defeated the Vile Vine boss at the end of the stage, you will automatically receive this head as your reward.

Curtain 3

96: Grub

After you enter the smoke stack and cross the steam vents, there will be some grubs hanging from chains along the back wall. Hit them to release the head.

97: Black Castle

Just after the third time you fire out of the cannon you will come to a pinball type plunger. Hit the ball before it fires to get the head out of it.

98: Moon Bear King

Once the Moon Bear King is normal size during the boss fight, hit him in the head with Pikarina and this will drop from him.

99: Little Bear

For this head, you will need to play the last stage a curtain a second time. When you reach the Moon Bear King again, and he shrinks to normal size, hit him in the head just like you did for the Moon Bear King head, except this time you will get the Little Bear head.

100: Kutaro

Once you have completed the game, you will automatically receive this head.