Puppeteer head locations guide

Act 6: Time’s-a-Tickin’

Curtain 1

72: Clock

Hit the rabbit’s watch when he first appears to make this head fall out.

73: Star

After the first set of platforms, hit the star in the background to make this head appear.

74: Playing Cards

When running along the cards, there will be four different stacks of cards in the background, with one opposite colored card. Hit the odd card on each stack to reveal the four jacks. At the fourth one, you will get this head.

75: Elephant

During the General Rabbit boss fight, body slam the cards at the symbol and climb up to the platform at the top. Cut down the rope that holds up the medium sized green box to drop it. When it lands, an elephant will appear. Hit it and the head will fall out.

76: Rabbit

During the battle with General Rabbit, hit his hat and the head will fall out.

Curtain 2

77: Topiary

Cut the first bush at the very beginning of the stage to make the flamingo appear.

78: Beehive

To find the Beehive, you will need to have the Topiary head equipped. Body slam the bull sign and slide down the long ramp. When you the reach the bottom, there will be a purple vine to the right and a passage to the left. Go left and use the Topiary to make the spinning wheel appear. Once the wheel does its thing, hit the three flower buds on the rear to make the bees appear and drop the head.

79: Ladybug

Hit the three ladybugs on the tree tops throughout the level to make this appear.

80: Triceratops

When you ride on the triceratops back, this head will appear automatically for you.

81: Teacup

When you reach the table with the 4 sets of teacups, make sure to cut around the table twice and then the head will appear.

82: Gargoyle

Hit the three gargoyles when General Rooster is blowing gusts of wind at you for the second time and they will drop the head to you.

83: Rooster

Hit General Rooster in the head during the boss fight to make this head appear.

84: Mr.Pink

Once you defeat General Rooster, you will get this head automatically.

Curtain 3

85: Dragon

Once you finally down General Dragon during the boss fight, hit him in the nose a few times to make the head pop out.