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    Here it is -- the complete list of moves for Primal Rage. These moves will work for either a two-button joystick/gamepad or your keyboard. For a joystick or gamepad, press both buttons while executing the directional commands; and for a keyboard, press the buttons you've chosen as "1" and "3" while entering the directional sequences. Some of these are pretty similar, so if you don't get the expected results, give it another try.


    D= Down
    U= UP
    F= Foward (toward opponent)
    B= Back (away from opponent)

    Special Moves
    Bed-O-Nails D-D-U
    Iron Maiden B-U-F
    Mega Charge B-D-F
    Gut Gouger F-F-B
    Hornication Uppercut D-F-U
    Spinning Death B-F-D
    Flying Spikes B-B-U
    Chomp Human U-F-D-B

    Gut Fling D-D-D-U
    The Impaler D-B-U-D
    Meditation F-D-F-F

    Special Moves
    Mega Punch Short B-D-F
    Mega Punch Quick B-U-F
    Mega Punch Long B-F-F
    Mega Punch Fake D-U-U
    Cold Breath D-B-F
    Ice Geyser D-D-U
    Punching Bag F-D-B-B
    Air Throw 1+3 (while in the air)
    Throw F-D-U-B
    Chomp Human U-U-F-D

    Brain Basher U-F-U
    To Da Moon D-D-D-U
    Redemption D-F-U-D

    Special Moves
    Grab-N-Throw F-B-B
    Power Puke Slow U-B-B
    Power Puke Fast U-F-F
    Fart of Fury D-F-U-B
    Ground Shaker B-U-D
    Flying Butt Slam D-F-U-D
    Battering Ram F-F-F
    Chomp Human F-D-B-U

    Golden Shower D-D-U-B
    Cannonball D-F-D-D
    Churl U-U-D-B

    Special Moves
    Fireball Slow D-B-B
    Fireball Fast D-F-F
    Torch U-D-D
    Hot Foot B-D-F
    Mega Lunge D-U-F
    The Pulverizer U-F-F
    Inferno Flash U-U-U
    Chomp Human D-U-D

    Incinerator U-B-D-D
    Fireball F-F-F-F
    Infernal U-D-F-D

    Special Moves
    Primal Scream D-U-B
    Earthquake Stomp U-D-D
    The Cranium Crusher D-U-D
    Leaping Bone Bash D-U-U
    Stun Roar B-F-F
    Air Throw Tap 1+3 (in air)
    Neck Throw F-B-B
    Chomp Human D-D-U

    Carnage B-B-U-F
    Grape Crusher F-U-D-B
    Flesh Eating D-D-D-U

    Special Moves
    Brain Basher B-U-F
    Pounce and Flip F-D-D
    Frantic Fury D-F-F
    The Slasher D-U-F
    The Face Ripper D-D-F
    Jugular Bite B-F-U (after direct hit)
    Run Forward F-F-F
    Run Back B-B-B
    Chomp Human F-D-B

    Shredding F-D-U-U
    Heart Wrenching F-D-U-D
    Stampede F-B-U-D

    Special Moves
    Venom Spit Slow D-F-F
    Venom Spit Fast D-B-B
    Voodoo Spell F-B-B
    Ground Teleport D-D-D
    Air Teleport D-U-U
    Come Slither B-B-B
    Scorpion Sting F-F-D
    Chomp Human D-F-U

    La Vache B-B-D-F
    Shrink and Eat B-B-D-U
    Petrify U-U-F-F