Pokemon X and Y item location guide

Lumiose City (South)

Lens Case - Speak to the pink haired lady near the camera in the PR Video Studio, found on South Boulevard.

Luxury Ball (x5) - Speak to the scientist nearest the elevator on the second floor of the Pokémon Lab, also found on South Boulevard.

TM54: False Swipe - Speak to the scientist near the bookshelf on the third floor of the Pokémon Lab.

Quick Claw - Across from the Shutterbug Cafe is a generic building, but there a few items to grab inside. The girl on the couch will give you this.

Quick Ball (x3) - Head to the second floor. Speak to the man on the left side of the cubicle to receive these.

Timer Ball (x3) - Speak to the other man in the cubicle to receive these.

Route 5

Super Potion - Head into the skate park along the road. Use your roller skates to grind the rail to an upper ledge where the item lies.

Super Potion - Found just north of Rising Star Hamish. Grind the rail to reach it.

Oran Berry - After ascending the hill, head south. Grind the rail to find an Oran Berry tree.

TM01: Hone Claws - From the hill, head up the stairs to the north. Pass the roller skaters and grind the rails to the central hill where the item lies.

X Attack - Hop ledge near the previous item and head south through the purple flowers to find this.

Sharp Beak - Near the purple flowers by the area's exit are two trees. Use Cut on the upper one to reach this.

Camphrier Town

Ultra Ball - Speak to the man in white near the Pokémon Center.

Berry Juice - Speak to the redhead near the fountain.

Full Heal - Speak to the man in white on the left side of the Hotel Camphrier Lobby.

Sp. Atk. Lv. 1 (O-Power) - Head to the far right room on the second floor of Hotel Camphrier. In here is Mr. Bonding, the man who taught you O-Powers. Speak to him again to get this.

TM46: Thief - Speak to the girl near the server in Cassius' house (the house in the northeast corner of the town).

Sweet Heart - Speak to woman in the bonnet in the northwest house.

Escape Rope - Found on the top floor of Castle Shabboneau near a desk.

X Attack - Found on the west side of town near an exit. Hop the ledge to reach it.

Star Piece - Exit the town through the south gate and follow the path to find this.

Route 6

X Sp. Atk. - Take a left before entering the tree tunnel to Parfum, Palace. There's a small ledge above the tall grass where this lies.

Note: The following items can only be reached when returning from Parfum Palace.

Super Repel - In the northwest section of the tall grass on the left side (near Pokefan Family); head up the hill to reach it.

Awakening - In the northeast section of the tall grass on the left side.

Aguave Berry - An Aguave Berry tree rests in the southwest part of the tall grass on the left side.

Ultra Ball - Found in the extreme southwest corner of the tall grass on the left side.

Antidote - The path branches southeast upon entering the tall grass on the right side. Follow the right branch to reach it.

X Speed - Found along the extreme western edge of the tall grass on the right side.

Paralyze Heal - The tall grass on the right side actually spreads out into a second section. This is found in the central western section of that area.

TM09: Venoshock - Before hopping the ledge back to the central path from the tall grass, turn north to find this.