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  • Submitted by Paul Springer

Pokemon Stadium 2 Hints

  • Changing Colors!!!!!

    If you spell your geodude's name like this(geoDUDE)then his body will be greenish-brownish, and his tongue wiil br green!!
    Submitted by A.A.
  • Very Hard Mode on Mini Games

    First, you have to beat the computer on "Who's the Best" on Easy, the Normal, then on Hard. You have to have seven coins on each to win.
    Submitted by Chris
  • Remember Lost Moves

    To teach your pokemon a move that it has lost,put it in your party and beat the Elite Four. A screen will come up and say something like "You can teach a pokemon a lost TM" Pick one of your pokemon and then the move that you want to reteach it. The game will save and then it will go back to the begining.
    Submitted by Josh B
  • Rival Cup

    Win all cups in stadium mode, and beat all trainers and Gym Leaders in the castels to unlock Rival Cup at the bottom rite hand corner of the main map.
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