Noel Clarke grows up for Adulthood

And to think there was a time when Noel Clarke was simply the butt of a thousand genre fan jokes as “thicky” Mickey Smith in the update of Doctor Who.

But after the success of Kidulthood – the controversial, violent, sex-laden tale of teens in West London – he’s stepping up from writer/star to writer/director/star.

Adulthood will follow the lives of some of the Kidulthood characters, including Adam Deacon, Femi Oyeniran, Red Madrell, Cornell John and Madelaine Fairley. And there will also be a gaggle of fresh faces - Scarlett Alice Johnson, Jacob Anderson, Shanika Warren Markland, Nathan Constance, Don Klass and Arnold Oceng. There’s no word what actually happens to any of them, but we’re guessing more sordid dealings and gritty modern life.