Nail all 50 Stunt Jumps in GTA IV

Video and maps for every single jump in Liberty City

So, assuming you've unlocked the rest of the city with our walkthrough, you'll be able to nail all of them in no time. So let's get airborne.

Jumps 1-5

The first five are quite easy - just remember to get a long enough run-up and you'll be fine. Three and four are consecutive - but be careful to remove the exploding barrel from the alleyway entrance BEFORE you take your run-up.

We've numbered thestunt locations here - all of these are in Broker, the first area of the city, so you can get going on these right away.

Now check out the video to see where the run-ups are. Oh, but BE WARNED - there's some very naughty language and some nasty car accidents with blood in all of these videos, but that's why the game's an 18. So don't cheat on the age gate!


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