LEGO Star Wars II - Best Characters

You can fly through LEGO Star Wars II without even noticing most of the characters. But for the completists among you all, here's our guide to the rarest characters you can find in that galaxy, far, far away.

Play as… Leia (slave)
Complete Episode VI, Chapter Two. She comes packing a blaster, a grappling hook and - of course - the gold bikini. She'll even do a sexy dance for you. Turned on? You freak.

Play as… The Emperor
Complete Episode VI, Chapter Five or buy him for 275,000 studs. The old Sith Emperor sure can jump. He leaps with more accuracy than a ballerina and he's ideal for fiddly platformy bits.

Play as… Luke (Dagobah)
Complete Episode V, Chapter Four. This is the get-up young Luke wears when he travels to Yoda's home planet, complete with backpack. He's got all the lightsaber/Force tricks of a Jedi.

Play as… 4-LOM
Complete Episode VI, Chapter Three and purchase for 45,000 studs. This bounty hunter can laser goons with his super-blaster, and even has a neat spin trick for melee attacks.

Play as… IG-88
Complete Episode VI, Chapter Six and purchase for 10,000 studs. This robot can open all droid locks. He ends his melee attack by removing his head and hitting the foe with it.

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