LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 character guide

Year Four

4.1 – The Quidditch World Cup

Death Eater
– South of the living book a Death Eater will blow up some stands. When he does this he reveals a Dark Magic rock – destroy this to get to the token.

Ginny (Hooded Top) – Once you proceed to the second part of the level leap over the first pit and then head south. This token is found inside a container here.

Barty Crouch Junior
– While gathering the supplies for the cauldron you will find a silver locked chest near the purple flower. Simply use Reducto to get to the token.

4.2 – Dragons

Durmstrang Student – After crossing the second pit area by avoiding the blue flames this Dark Magic chest can be seen off in the far right corner.

Cedric (Sweater)
– Upon crossing the LEGO bridge you will reach a safe that, upon opening, pops out this token.

Dragon Handler
– When you reach the final area there will be a sealed Reducto chest right behind you. Blow that open to get this token.

4.3 – The First Task

Cedric (Dragon Task)
– As soon as the level starts turn around and use the bucket to put out the fire. This causes the token to appear.

Fleur (Dragon Task) – After grabbing the golden egg you will be on the run from the dragon. When you enter the first interior area that stops the dragon this token is to your immediate right.

Harry (Dragon Task)
– Once you get past the first barrier you will see a Dark Magic rock along the upper wall. Pop that open to get to the character token.

4.4 – The Secret of the Egg

Moaning Myrtle (Swimsuit) – As soon as you appear there will be a Dark Magic cabinet right next to the entrance door. Open it up to reveal this character.

Cedric Diggory
– Inside of the bathroom a boggart will jump out of the chest. In Free Play you can use Riddikulus to get rid of this but in story mode just have Harry use Patronus to dispatch it.

Fleur (Lake Task) – In the sub-area of the bathroom look to your south to see a silver lock. Blast this with Reducto and then blast the container to prompt it to drop this token.

4.5 – The Black Lake

Harry (Lake Task)
– From the beginning of the level head forward until you can use a pipe to travel into the foreground.

– After getting past the octopus go into the next area. Turn to the left and use your wand to blast open the treasure chest in the seaweed to release the character.

Krum (Shark)
– In the second area you will reveal a pipe that allows you to travel into the background. Go to the left and open the chest to find this token.

4.6 – The Dark Lord Returns

Cedric (Maze Task)
– This is a bit of an odd one. You will have to shoot eight different large yellow plants while exploring the maze. A picture of them can be found below. They are spread throughout the maze so just search areas thoroughly and you’ll find them. They’re pretty hard to miss.

Fleur (Maze Task)
– From the above image, turn to the south in this small walkway and go forward. A boggart will pop out at you, use Riddikulus to get rid of it and find this token.

Victor (Maze Task)
– You will reach an area where you must place an arrow sign on a pedestal to open the path forward. There is a Dark Magic wall here, open it and go through the fog. Here use Fang to dig up this character token in the obvious dig spot.