GTA IV - The facts

Known in GTA IV as Algonquin

  • Manhattan is the borough most associated with New York, especially for the tourists who flock to experience the hustle and bustle of one of the most thriving commercial and cultural centers in the world.
  • It has the largest business district in the US and is the home of the famous New York Stock Exchange.
  • It%26rsquo;s in Manhattan that you%26rsquo;ll find most of the city%26rsquo;s most famous landmarks, such as Central Park, the Empire State Building, Times Square and the Chrysler building.
  • It%26rsquo;s immensely important culturally; thanks to theater district Broadway, numerous art galleries and museums, and bohemian districts such as Greenwich Village and Soho.

Name Game
The word “Manhattan” comes from the Native American language of Lenape - “manna-hata” translates into “island of many hills.”