GTA IV: Liberty City Virtual Tour

Have a wander through Liberty City's streets of rage

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Rockstar has just announced that their GTA IV website has been updated with a virtual tour of Liberty City that will give fans a street-level view of the upcoming blockbuster. The tour features %26ldquo;People %26amp; Places,%26rdquo; %26ldquo;Recreation %26amp; Entertainment,%26rdquo; and %26ldquo;Goods %26amp; Services%26rdquo; from around the city.

Says Rockstar: %26ldquo;Today, you are invited to take your first steps into our fictional world of Liberty City as well. Meet-up with Niko's cousin Roman at his cab company in Broker. Be first in line for an on-stage performance in Star Junction. Test out your fizz-handling skills at the Sprunk soda HQ in Alderney. Analyze your 'Love Meet' compatibility while strolling through Algonquin, then swing by the Steinway Beer Garden in Dukes for a pint. This is only the first taste of what's out there to discover in Liberty City.%26rdquo;

Check it out at GTA IV is scheduled to launch on April 29th, 2008.

Feb 8, 2008

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