Gaming's kinkiest costumes

The Santa outfit
You only have to walk past Ann Summers and look in the window (well,OK, a month ago) to see that Santa can be sexy. A nice little red dress with white trim again leaves something to the imagination. Sadly, Tina in that pic down there has laid that idea to rest. A little self-respect, eh love?

The more tasteful Santa cossie is much more alluring in our book. And the kind of thing your real girlfriend might, just might actually wear if you asked nicely. After giving her an amazing Christmas gift and claiming it's just to get in the spirit of things, natch.

Above: Claris from Christmas NiGHTS, Santa from The Sims 2: Holiday Stuff (yes, a bloke - sorry), Kasumi and Tina from DOA2 and DOAX2 respectively and a real girl from Ann Summers