Gaming's kinkiest costumes

The futuristic body suit
One for the sci-fi fans. While some may be looking in puzzlement at the fully-clothed girls in this picture, take a moment to consider their merits. Leaving something to the imagination is often a lot sexier than giving it all away. That's why lingerie exists after, all. So the figure-hugging outfit shows off the beautiful female form ina sexy way without degrading it. Now you see its charms, no?

Pictured here are futuristic firefighter Tillis from Sonic Team's Burning Rangers, Vanessa Z from P.N.03 and Zero Suit Samus. The real-life vision of loveliness on the right is Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager.

Above: The Samus test. If you look at this picture and feel nothing, you'reprobably gay