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Gaming's kinkiest costumes

January 8, 2008

Girls, eh? Sadly, it seems the geekier we are about games, the fewer naked girls there are in our bedrooms. Odd, that. But don't worry - there are plenty of girls who will play with you. They may not be entirely real, but they will happily let you dress them up (Rumble Roses), hose them down (also Rumble Roses) and wrestle each other in a mud pit for your amusement (Rumble Roses again). So it kinda evens out.

But the fantasies don't end there. Actually, there's something for every taste and fetish. Like nurses? We got nurses. Fancy a French maid? We got them too. In fact, games have got most of the major bases covered when it comes to kinky fantasies. And, by stunning co-incidence, you'll find them over the following pages. So take a look, then promise yourself you'll talk to a real girl in the next ten minutes to balance it out. Attaboy.

Note: What follows is pretty NSFW, and is unsuitable for minors too, so if you're under 18, best to go and talk to real girls instead. Actually, that's probably true for everyone, but then you'd be missing out on this:

Still here? Then on with the show.