Gaming's kinkiest costumes

Ah, cheerleaders. Short skirts, tight tops, knicker flashes and pom poms. A combination more lethal than a hairdryer and a bathtub. Trouble is, cheerleaders know they're hot - it comes with the territory. So unless your name's Jock McStud, this is as close as you're ever likely to get to their charms without landing yourself a restraining order.

Pictured here are Kasumi from Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (incidentally, this kind of outfit costs way more than a skimpy bikini - proof that it's a sought-after reward), a very sporty-looking young lady from Bully/Canis Canem Edit, and perhaps the ultimate dream - a car full to overflowingwith cheerleaders from Crazy Taxi 2. There's a real-life cheerleader too, in case you forgot what they look like.

Above: Kasumi's having a wardrobe malfunction. Either that or she should have worn a skirt with that belt