Gaming's kinkiest costumes

From the Playboy Bunny Girlsto Catwoman, there's a lot to be said for hot girls dressing up like cute animals. And games are full of it. 3D fighters seem to have covered most of the fetishes up until now, but they're undeniable the best place to look if you want some new furry friends.

And before you become deeply disturbed by the appearance of a familiar hero (despite his handle-bar 'tache and stereotypical occupation), we'll admit it: we put Mario in for a laugh.Yes,just because he's dressed like a Bee and so is the girl from lalalingerie. But look - he does have a saucy look in his eye. Better watch out for her stinger, Mazza - it looks pretty pointy...

Above: More Kasumi/Tina DOA action, Rami from ancient platformer/shoot-em-up Keio Flying Squadron 2 and... Bee Mario. Sexy? Please say no.