Gaming's kinkiest costumes

Bondage gear
From Soul Calibur's Ivy and her dominatrix-like get-up (complete with whip thing) to Rumble Roses and its overtly S&M evil alter-egos for each character, it seems there's a brand 'spanking' new example every month. Not that we're complaining, mind.

In fact, Rumble Roses in particular has gotBDSM written all over it. After wearing down your opponent with severalmoves usually found only in the Kama Sutra, she's left prone on the canvas ready for the 'humiliation' move. Of course this is more effective if she's in 'innocent' white and your avatar'sin black leather hotpants and peep-hole bra.By the way- you'll find the next 'unlockable outfits' behind the bead curtain at the back of the shop, sir.

Above: Fiona's Texas Cowgirl outfit from Haunting Ground, more Rumble Roses action Ivy and the inimitable (well... would you want to?) Voldo from Soul Calibur. Yup, you wanna avoid that blade alright - if not for the pain then the risk of hepatitis...