Gaming's kinkiest costumes

The schoolgirl outfit
This is the most common alternative outfit for games with unlockable bonuses. Why? Well, there's so much potential for the upskirt fetishist's enjoyment. Especially where the Dead or Alive girls are concerned.

Bouncy goodness inside tight blouses, teasing glimpses of white cotton panties with every high kick and even upwards-facing fans under some stages which, by incredible co-incidence, are just strong enough to liftthe girls skirts up to their elbows. Not that they seem to mind -they'll stand there as long as you want. And how many real girls can you say that of?

Enjoy the pic, take a deep breath, then go and eat some carrots to compensate.

Above: Rumble Roses lets you pit US schoolgirls against Japanese schoolgirls. Yet someone reviews it on saying "there's hardly any wrestling moves available to do and the controls are terrible, it's just rubbish". We suggest he takes the Samus test.