E3 06: ATV Offroad Fury Pro hands-on

PSP: We rev the throttle on another dirt-track racer

When we first saw this mud-and-oil gear grinder, we'll admit we wondered if the PSP really needed another ATV game. However, after spending some time with it, we'll grant that this one really looks to bring something to the table - now, the question we're asking is whether the PSP will ever need another ATV game again.

The first hint of what's in store is right there in the name: ATV Offroad Fury Pro. Notice there's no number? That may be because the 64 tracks feature a healthy dose of "Legend" tracks - a fancy way of saying the best tracks from the first three ATV Offroad Fury games on PS2 have made their way here. As if that wasn't enough, there's an actual track editor planned, which will enable you to upload and download user-created tracks from the internet.

You'll be racing them on a wide variety of vehicles too: ATVs, motocross bikes, trucks, buggies and even unlockable rally cars (which we're hoping are less skid-prone in the final version) and ski-dos. Along with this will come a few new event types. Endurocross adds more obstacles to your path, such as boulders in the track or logs embedded into the path, either crossways or lengthwise.

May 12, 2006


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