Dead or Alive: Dimensions will throw Kasumi's panties at your face

First 3DS out-of-the-screen panty shot confirmed by new trailer

The extra-dimensional eye-magic built into Nintendo's 3DS will throw lots of stuff out-of-the-screen and at our excited, disbelieving faces. Things like Resi's zombies, Link's sword and Snake's hairy mullet. They'll all be 'coming right at us'. And so will Kasumi's knickers. Here is a completely not Photoshopped image of the lady fighter's underpanties bursting forth into a hitherto unexplored ocular dimension of gaming:

Above: Kasumi's crotch - coming to a 3DS near you soon

The image is taken from the new Dead or Alive: Dimensions trailer. It's pretty long and has a go at simulating what the game will look like in 3D. If you're some kind of pervert (i.e. a man) and have a keen interest in observing Kasumi's exposed trolleys, you'll want to head to the 1:34 mark. Then back to 1:30. Then to 1:34. Then back to 1:30. Then to 1:34. Then back to 1:30. Then to 1:34. Then back to 1:30. Then to 1:34. And so on.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions will also feature fighting.

Jan 10, 2010


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