Dark Sector

Shedding light on one of PS3's grittiest games

Jan 3, 2008

The surprise isn%26rsquo;t that developer Digital Extreme%26rsquo;s action thriller is a Resident Evil 4 rip-off- after all, they%26rsquo;ve made a career of %26lsquo;borrowing%26rsquo; from other games, most notably Pariah on Xbox, a blatant Halo clone- but that Dark Sector looks so polished, despite being wonky at best only six months earlier. Even the plot feels familiar: Lead man Hayden Tenno (a dead ringer for Leon) blasts and hacks his way through the fictional eastern European city of Lasria. Then there%26rsquo;s the mysterious Technocytes disease killing off the locals, which you can liken to RE%26rsquo;s T-Virus. But if Dark Sector manages to deliver half the thrills of its mentor then we%26rsquo;re in for a treat.

As it stands, it%26rsquo;s a seriously promising game. The version we%26rsquo;re playing now might contain more bugs than a New York City public toilet, but these should be sorted before it hits the shelves. Hayden%26rsquo;s an uncompromising killing machine. We%26rsquo;re introduced to him in a grimy warehouse at the beginning of the game, which- to start with- is played out in near-black and white.


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