Dark Sector

Dec 4, 2007

Hayden Tenno is having a bad day.

A black ops member of the CIA sent into sensitive areas as a cleaner; someone charged with disposing of elements that the government deems unworthy of tasting oxygen - Tenno is what some would call "morally ambiguous," which makes him perfect for introducing a bit more lead into someone's diet. Problem is, he's been dispatched to post-Soviet Lasria in Eastern Europe to take care of a fellow CIA operative, and Lasria is crawling with... well, with a whole lot of stuff that Digital Extremes isn't quite ready to spill the beans on.

Luckily, they were nice enough to show us the first three levels of the game, plunging us headlong into the mythos and backstory that lead to some very undesirable men doing very undesirable things to Lasrians with something called the Technocyte Virus, which changes those infected into rage-filled killers, fundamentally altering their genetic structure to change their skin to metal and slowly mutating them into monsters.

Told entirely in black and white, both in the game's opening cinematic (which doubles as set-up and flashback where Russians discover a submarine that suddenly surfaces in open water) and the entire first mission in present day. Things go fairly well, with Tenno finding his man, stumbling across a factory that's pumping Inferon Gas into a containment facility and forces that have loosed something down below - and then he's killed.