Comic-Con Day 3: Photo Diary

Another day, another visual orgy of cosplay, fandom and swag

Another day, another orgasmic visual explosion of cosplay, fandom and swag. (Here'sDay 1andDay 2) Apologies, but we’re still very much in the thick of it on the Comic-Con 2011 showfloor, so I’m flying by the seat of my pants and will only caption picks when the mood strikes me. Cool? Cool!

Above: The hell? Is that Adrianne Curry?! Perhaps we'll see more celebrities below

Above: Link really is a dreamboat. Or possibly Claire Danes?

Above: Okay, maybe we should just give up now. It's not like the pics are gonna get any cooler than this

Above:TrueBlood's Ryan Kwanten stopped by the Future booth toautograph posters of his new movie, Griff the Invisible

Above: Adult Swim, old and new

Above: This Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D chalk drawing is really coming along

Above: The family that Mages together...

Above: So nice to see Monty Python is back together and broadcasting from the Comic-Con showfloor

Above: Carolyn hung out with Michael "Lt. Worf" Dorn

Above: Oh yeah, there's COMICS here too

Above: A glorious union of second bananas!

Above: HALT KOMBATANT! There aremore pics on the next page!