Classic games and controller for Japan

Thursday 12 October 2006
Nintendo has announced an incentive scheme to get Japanese gamers snapping up their Virtual Console classic titles - a free SNES-style Wii controller.

At a retail conference yesterday, it was announced that gamers will be able to purchase pre-paid cards for 1,000, 3,000 and 5,000 Wii Points and, for a limited time - as if living in Japan didn't already get you all the luck as a Nintendo fan - the 5,000-point card will also nab you a Classic Controller.

In Europe the Wii Points-to-money conversion rate is 10 euros (or £7) for 1,000 points and, while the pre-paid card scheme will also be used on our side of the world, it's less likely that we'll be lavished with retro goods.