Capcom takes over MotoGP

PS2 version of the bike-racing franchise goes to new developer

At a press event in San Francisco yesterday, publisher Capcom announced that it's taking the reins of the MotoGP franchise - on PlayStation 2, at least. Promising to deliver hyper-realistic motorbike racing, MotoGP '07 - a title that might change, seeing as it could be confused with the THQ-published Xbox 360 version - is slated for a fall release.

The MotoGP series, previously developed and published on PS2 by Namco Bandai, is based on the real-world MotoGP racing circuit and tends to be geared toward more hardcore race fans. No details about the new game have yet been released, but we're betting you can expect plenty of licensed racing bikes and riders, hopefully delivered with a little more visual flair than in previous games. Expect to see the first screens soon.

April 13, 2007


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