Box art unveiled for GTA: Vice City Stories

[PSP] Take an early look at the characters of the up-and-coming handheld crimefest

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Hot on the heels of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, publisher Rockstar is bringing another of its cities to the PSP with Vice City Stories, due to hit stores October 17. Rockstar hasn't revealed much about the Miami-themed game so far, but they have given us the box art.

Rife with hot chicks and bad mustaches, the box art raises plenty of questions. First and foremost, who are these guys? The dude on the left (who reappears ona boat at bottom left, holding a gun - you'll see it if you follow the directions below to see the whole box) looks a little like an older, fatter version of Tommy Vercetti. But the clothes and facial hair suggest this takes place squarely in the '80s (or better yet, the '70s), which probably means it's someone else.

Whatever the case, it's here for your speculation and amusement. To get a better look at the details, just click the Images tab above. Then click the box art thumbnail and, finally, click on Supersize to view it in all its huge glory.

July 24, 2006


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