BLOG All change on Primeval

It was all change at the ARC last week, and last night's G-Rex episode ratcheted up the tension another notch. Blogger Alasdair Stuart gives his verdict on the surprisingly exciting way Primeval has developed this series

The last couple of Primeval episodes have seen an interesting change to the line up, and arguably some of the best action elements since the Mammoth episode. Blogger Alasdair Stuart discusses the brave decision by ITV to get rid of the top character Cutter, something they kept quiet from SFX when we went on set:

Kill Your Darlings

This is a personal article by Alasdair Stuart, one of our bloggers . Did you watch last night's episode? It was a bit of a corker. And ITV's Nigel Marven got eaten as well, which was hilarious. Let us know your thoughts below.