The 25 best TV shows on Netflix you should binge

Selecting a new Netflix series to binge the hell out of is a glorious problem. It's one most of us are faced with each time we settle down in front of the TV, mainly due to the sheer volume of shows available. No sooner are you thinking 'I'll just have a quick skim through the new additions' when BAM! Several hours have gone by, you've not actually hit Play on anything. Again.

I get it. Making the decision on what to watch is a big one. Whatever you commit to could become the next big thing to consume your every waking thought. Think about it: there's all the great Netflix Originals - including all the Marvel shows - and a load of golden oldies, modern classics and, oh well, I did say there was a lot. To reduce that time you spend going 'uhhh, I dunno, maybe', I've crafted a hand-picked guide to some of the best TV shows on Netflix that are currently available! There's a little something in here for everyone...

Want the best movies to watch on Netflix now? Here you go

25. The Good Place

Region: UK, US

Seasons available: 1 (US), 2 (UK)

The show: On the surface the new show from Parks and Recreation showrunner Michael Schur sounds similar-ish to Dead Like Me. Someone dies, experiences the afterlife, and embraces the comedy of the situation. It's not quite the same, instead combining the cheerful glee of Parks with the existential WTF? of something like Lost. Kristen Bell stars as Eleanor Shellstrop, a self-centred woman while alive, who is gifted to quite a pleasant post-life existence alongside her soul mate. 

Why it's worth watching: As well as being really funny and bringing out a brighter side to Bell, it's also packs some great dramatic twists and turns that you won't see coming. 

24. Sons of Anarchy

Region: Worldwide

Seasons available: 1-7

The show: Imagine Goodfellas on bikes crossed with the histrionic machinations of a soap opera and you're somewhere in the vicinity of Sons Of Anarchy. Set in the dusty California town of Charming, the show follows Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), a vice president in a notorious biker gang, as he makes his way through the ranks. All the while he and his boys face off against rival gangs and the cold arm of the law.

Why it's worth watching: Like Game Of Thrones, there's no-one safe in this show. Characters are brutally offed, and their killers murdered as vengeance. Lather, rinse, repeat.

23. Futurama

Region: US

Seasons available: 1-10

The show: From the creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening, Futurama is an irreverent and clever animated comedy about pizza delivery boy Fry who winds up living in the year 3000. Along with the delivery crew of Planet Express he explores the universe and the whole gang pass comment on the state of society with deft wry humour.

Why it's worth watching: The writing is razor sharp, making the outlandish set-up a perfect tool for taking the piss out of modern living. Then there's Fry's robot best friend Bender; the perfect amalgam of American Dad's Roger and The Simpsons' Homer. Drunk, sharp-tongued with a raspy laugh, he's never afraid to make a total ass of himself.

22. Riverdale

Region: UK, US

Seasons: 1

The show: A small town in middle America. Apple pies cool on window sills, white picket fences dot the pristine green lawns... and a teenager's freshly-shot corpse rocks up on the shore. Welcome to Riverdale! While Archie Andrews has gone and got totally jacked up over the summer, turning him into a girl magnet, there's something distinctly amiss about the rest of this seemingly idyllic 'burb...

Why it's worth watching: Forget what you think you know about Archie - this isn't even remotely kid-friendly. Sex, drugs, thrills and intrigue are present right off the bat. Plus, the show gets points for taking out some killer TV tropes with a few sly one-liners. 

21. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Region: Worldwide

Seasons available: 1-3

The show: The winner of 2015's most hummable theme song! This eccentric comedy from 30 Rock creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock zeroes in on New York newbie Kimmy Schmidt, who, after spending the previous fifteen years trapped in a doomsday cult led by a deranged Reverend discovers a new-found joy for living. 

Why it's awesome: It's as if 30 Rock never ended. But with added Carol Kane, who absolutely slays it as Kimmy's wiseass landlady and the musical genius who gave us Peeno Noir - Titus Andromedon.

20. Luke Cage

Region: Worldwide

Seasons available: 1

The show: Marvel's Netflix universe kicked off with the likes of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, whose adventures in Hell's Kitchen showed us a side to superheroes we'd never seen before. Then there's Luke Cage. We met the bulletproof hero back in JJ season one, and here he is taking charge down in Harlem, as he comes under attack from a vicious gangster Cornell 'Cottonmouth' Stokes and his even more duplicitous cousin Mariah Dillard.  

Why it's worth watching: More than a superhero series, this is a show in harmony with the Harlem community. Producers brought in a slew of African-American actors, pulled together a sublime soundtrack (seriously, the theme? Yeah, might not seem much at first but you'll be humming it soon), and really let rip. It's in a league of its own. 

19. Archer

Region: UK, US

Seasons available: 1-8 (UK), 1-7 (US)

The show: Imagine the animated antithesis of Austin Powers. A secret spy whose suave allure is only matched by his humorous put-downs. That's Sterling Archer, an agent for ISIS (yeah, they later changed the name) whose missions are often thwarted by his own agenda to win back his girlfriend Lara - a fellow spy.

Why it's worth watching: The sheer irreverence of Archer is the show's strongest asset. He'll rally against his mother - which he does, frequently - if it means getting a leg up. Or over.

18. Santa Clarita Diet

Region: Worldwide

Seasons available: 1

The show: The sunny suburbs of California get a dose of the undead treatment. But make no mistake - The Walking Dead this ain't. No, these zombies are what Rick and his gang would probably prefer to be dealing with. In Santa Clarita Diet Drew Barrymore stars as Sheila, a happily-married realtor, who one day discovers she's dead and has a major appetite for human flesh. Bit problematic, sure, but it turns out that life as a flesh-eater is actually a lot of fun.  

Why it's worth watching: Barrymore, who's kinda been out of the limelight for a while, is on top of her game bringing some killer comedy timing to the proceedings. The show also spins a few new twists on zombie lore that help it stand apart from the competition.  

17. Better Call Saul 

Region: UK, US

Seasons available: 1-3 (UK), 1-2 (US) 

The show: Remember the screwy lawyer from Breaking Bad? Yeah, this show's all about him - Saul Goodman. Things begin after the climactic events of that series, in the present day, and immediately jump back to before he became Saul. Jimmy McGill's the man of this show, a likeable, good-hearted guy who  dallies loosely with the law. It's terrific getting to see him in his early days, and discover what happened before he turned slick. 

Why it's worth watching: It's hard to imagine a Breaking Bad spin-off being able to cap the brilliance of that groundbreaking series. Thanks to the superb performance by Bob Odenkirk, who delves into practically every emotional state in its first season alone, it's just as good if not better. 

16. Making a Murderer

Region: Worldwide

Seasons available: 1

The show: Interested in true crime? You're going to love this one. Netflix's latest foray into real-life entertainment focuses on the case of Steven Avery, a man who served time behind bars for murder, before being exonerated and shortly thereafter he was tried again for another homicide. As docuseries go, it's a compelling, can't-look-away glimpse into the criminal justice system.

Why it's worth watching: This show has become a cultural talking point, pushing officials to reconsider Avery's case after the series aired.