24 Hours of Halo 3

Thursday, May 17. The aftermath of such a bold and foolish experiment.

GamesRadarCharlie (5:20 PM): If anyone's curious about how long it takes to sleep off a 24-hour Halo 3 play party, the answer is... 10 1/2 hours. I got home and finally crawled into bed at 6:00 AM, then blacked out until 4:30 PM. I'm STILL tired, though. My neck hurts and I feel disoriented in my own apartment. The idea that everyone else has already gone through an entire new work / school day boggles my fragile mind. And yet the first thing I thought about doing upon waking up was... playing Halo 3. I must be criminally deranged.

GamesRadarBrett (7:12 PM): Much like Charlie, I finally got up around 3 in the afternoon. And yeah, oddly enough, I wanted to play some more Halo 3. Glad that everyone finally got in, and hopefully the issues with only 700 people being on have passed. Thanks for keeping the thread alive.

Remember that guide I was talking about?Well it's up! In-depth looks at everything you care about when it comes to Halo 3.

GamesRadarTyler (11:46 PM): After our 24 hour extravaganza, I decided that going home would be a waste of my time (besides I was too tired to drive particularly safely), so I entered one of our smaller, less used break rooms, locked the door and fell asleep on a large cushy couch. I was rudely awoken at 11am by someone knocking on the door. I immediately, without much thought, answered "Yeah," to verify that someone was in fact in the room. Amazingly, I sprung wide awake, slipped on my shoes, fixed my hair, and casually walked back to my desk, where I proceeded to sit down and get on with my normal, non Halo 3 playing job. Now, at almost Midnight (who knows why I'm up), I'm exhausted. I probably should have slept until 4:30 today like Charlie. Wish I had. Time for bed.