Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner cheats


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Get Zoradius Mini Game

Pause gameplay during Zoradius and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, L1, R1.

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Defeating Nephitis

After defeating Vic Viper, you have to go through a gate. After passing through it, you face Nephitis for the 2nd time.(remember to get the metatron before fighting) Quickly switch your sub-weapon to GRAB. Get above above those tower things and be careful not to break it. grab the mirrors on them. Throw or use them to block(block when she is ramming into you and throw at along distance, also block usually works better). When her health is half-way empty then she'll take you to another place. There will be electric walls. You must aviod them and use your blade to get her into the wall. She will be paralyzed for a few moments and that will be your time to attack. NOTE: every second is crucial.

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More Frames

Beat the game one time to get new frames. They can be used in multiplayer & the main game

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New Ending Pics

Beat the game with a A, S or SS ranking to get new pics at the end game

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Simplified Anubis Walkthrough

You will fight Anubis twice for the Last Battle:

Battle 1:

Whenever he teleports, DO NOT MOVE, he is trying to confuse you. If you watch him very closely while he teleports, you can see his "shadow", but you must really concentrate to tell. Wiggle the right analog stick to that direction, and ADA will automatically lock onto him. He should teleport 2-3 times before he uses his burst attack, (it looks like blodd coming out of his stomach) you will hear a homing missle sound. As soon as you do, rapidly press dash, opposite to the side he is on. He will be temporarily paralyzed, so take this chance to use 0-shift TOWARDS him to slash him. (DO NOT USE 0-SHIFT BEFORE HE HAS SHOT THE HOMING MISSILE, OR YOU WILL TELEPORT RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM, AND THE MISSILE WILL DEFINITELY HIT YOU) He will teleport again. Repeat until defeated. Sometimes he will teleport behind you, don't worry, because ADA will lock on to him and you will turn around automatically, if so, block ASAP and when you have the chance, slash him back with 4 swipes of you sword. Get !

his lifebar to yellow and a cutscene will take over, remember that your remaining health after you beat Anubis int he first battle wil shift over to the next, so keep it at green.

2nd battle:

I think youre fighting at the core of Aumaan, but who cares. HE is somewhat weaker in this battle, but he can still inflict damage. Anubis is less likely to use his Burst attack, but you can completely stop him from doing so if you stay close to him, using melee attacks. He loves to teleport, so stay close to him, always use the burst slash to break his shield and take that chance to swipe at him.. Don't bother with long-ranged attacks, because Anubis will just block them. Repeat the steps above and you should beat him.

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After you beat the game, you will have several things unlocked at the main menu.

1. You can load your game if you've saved it after beating Anibus in Aumaan, you can play back through it with the starting Jehuty, Jehuty ver. 2(after obtainig Zero Shift), Damaged Jehuty(form while fighting Anubis going to Phobos), and Naked Jehuty(ultimate form). You can also choose to start with or without all subweapons you obtained playing through the last game.

2. You have also unlocked Versus mode. This is fun considering that you can play as Jehuty, Jehuty ver. 2, Damaged Jehuty, Vic Viper, Ardjet,Nephtis, and Anubis right from the start! There are also 3 unlockable characters. The first is Naked Jehuty. This unlocked after you find the other entrance to Aumaan(not the big glowing one), go down, shoot the lasers blocking the entrance, go in and fight and defeat him. Look for a hologram of him. Collect it, and the screen will say that he's been unlocked. The next is Inhert. In the Lloyd's lab, just before you reach him in the second room of moving pillars. Defeat the enemies, and look around, and you'll see a pillar retract, and there will be a hologram of him in there. The last is Aumaan Anubis. Play through the game again with all the subweapons. In the canyon where you have to shut down Shield Generators, you will see a symbol for Metatron on your Pause Menu. Pay no attention to the green arrow in front of you that shows you wh!

ere your main objectives are. You will fight some menial enemies on the way there, but you will find a huge rock wall in your way. So sit on the ground and have a little fun with your Vector Cannon, if you know what I mean. If the wall doesn't break, you're shooting at the wrong wall. You will come to an area where it looks like there is a train tunnel going to the left and right. Go into the left one and you'll enter a wind tunnel. Defeat all the enemies, and go to the "Exit" designated by your green arrow. You'll end up outside. Fight and defeat Aumaan Anubis. Look around for the hologram, and he's yours.

3.You have also unlocked Extra Missions. This is a collection of extra missions for each of your forms of Jehuty. These consist of Battle, Endurance, Boss Battles, and Boss Sequence fights. These are all timed.Fun stuff!

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Easy Way To Beat Anubis On The Way To Phobos

When on the way to Phobos, and you find out all your weapons have been disposed except a few, you will fight Anubis. When fighting, he will barely ever use his attack when speeding during burst mode, so the easy way to beat him is to wait until after he performs his fire burst attack and when it comes after you, burst out of the way, then use Zero-Shift to reach him and you can get off a couple slashes with your sword. This takes a long time, but in the long run, it helps.

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