Zack Snyder confirms that the Justice League Snyder cut is real and "done"

Justice League Snyder Cut
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Ah, the Justice League Snyder cut. It’s one of the greatest mysteries of our time, right up there with the Holy Grail and why people think Porgs are cute. Rumours have swirled for years now about a mythical extended version of Justice League, one consigned to the cutting room floor after Snyder left the project in 2017. We now have confirmation that, yes, it exists and it would potentially be the longest superhero movie ever – though we shouldn’t expect to see it anytime soon.

During a fundraiser event, a video surfaced (H/T Screen Rant) of a fan talking to Snyder about the Justice League Snyder cut. The clip, which you can see below, is a little scratchy in terms of audio, but you can just about make out the main parts of what he’s saying.

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“All I’ll tell you is… [the Snyder cut] is done,” the director explains. “I have a lot of [cuts]. I would love to [release it]… but that’s up to them,” with the ‘them’ presumably being Warner Bros., or whoever else is in charge of distributing and marketing any potential Justice League re-release.

On that front, we’ve very much had radio silence. And the needle isn’t moving in one direction or the other anytime soon in terms of there being an announcement.

However, we also found out a little bit more thanks to the efforts of the Snyder Cut Twitter account (yes, that’s a thing), which stated that the number 214 featured prominently throughout the event, with the idea being that 214 is in reference to “the runtime of the cut.”

That’s a bum-numbing 3 hours and 34 minutes, which makes the Avengers: Endgame runtime look like a Pixar short by comparison. So, be warned, if the Snyder cut does come out – and we now know that it least exists, so that’s a start – it’s going to take up a lot of your day. This sounds like a monkey paw wish gone very, very wrong.

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