Your vision for the future of war - Gears of War 2

The five things you definitely want in Gears 2

Harpoon gun
Piercing the thick, crusty skin of a Locust was top of your priorities, with some readers even going so far as to include a snare net affixed to the top for maximum capturage. Thoughtful.

UV ray gun
This silent weapon usually came equipped with a short charge time, but once it’s ready - a light bullet right into the eyes of the Krill.

Melée crazy
Blades, bayonets, even meat grinders - placed either on the top or on the butt of the gun. Even without chainsaws, it seems that many of you still have the thirst for some blood-soaked melée action.

Flame throwers
Well, it’s hardly innovative, but if it was good enough for Ripley in Aliens, it’s good enough for Marcus and pals, we say. And so did you.

Out with guns
Some didn’t design guns at all, but this only made the ideas far more inventive. A special shout-out here to Ashley Freeman’s shard-spitting “hedgehog” grenade. A lot of you also wanted Fenix and co. to wield whips… for some reason.