Your vision for the future of war - Gears of War 2

A few months ago, our sister mag in the UK - Xbox 360 World - asked readers to design a weapon for Gears of War 2. The response was phenomenal. Seriously, who wouldn’t want the chance to see their pride and joy slice open/rip apart/decapitate/disembowel Locust scum? Some kind of robo-hearted android, that’s who. Plus, the winner nabbed an HDTV, a 360 and some Gears goodies.

Only the thought of a Locust having its spleen ripped out by your weapons of mass redemption kept those Brits warm as they spent the cold, cold winter tunneling their way through the colossal pile of entries. Apparently the UK readers came up with some brutally awesome weapons and we present them to you here.