Your vision for the future of war - Gears of War 2

Anal probe
Neil Wicker has come up with The Spiked Anal Prober Shotgun, which, you’ll be glad to know, has a “power gauge which can be turned up to numerous levels.”

Sexy vortex
The Vortex Grenade Launcher takes black hole power and then shoves it to the next level, frying off a self-sealing vortex. Also comes with “luxury grip,” says Yassie Kilmister.

Hell on Earth
“This is a gun I think would be ideal for ripping apart Locust scumbags and the flamethrower would be good for burning them wretches to a crisp. I give you... The HELL RAISER…” Thanks, Peter Mainhardt. Er, we think.

Sword bow
Robert Chapman can draw a bit, as shown by the skull-splitting MII Lancher Assault Rifle - with crossbow, bayonet and everything in between.

Not many readers opted to create a Locust gun. Courtney Alvaranga was one such person who went against the grain, with brutal results. The unique Corpser Stringer is powered by a number of mysterious eggs, each with their own horrifically gory consequences. We like it a lot.

Confusing beetle thing
“To my friend’s disgust, I’m always talking about weapons for Gears of War,” whispers Ian Hayes like some sort of serial killer. Well, he’s talking now: here’s the Locust Shark Beetle Siren Launcher, the Locust’s answer to the Hammer of Dawn. “Once you’re tagged, you’re as good as bagged,” apparently.

Stink gun
The Wretch Pheromone Gun is a potent weapon - one squirt and “you can sit back, relax and laugh your head off while the enemy turn on each other in a gory bloodbath.” Not our words, those of Ted Carden.

Length of rope
The Grinder, The Winder Grinder, Winch Meat - Gary Sheridan couldn’t quite decide on a name, but he did decide what he wanted to do with it: murderize a ton of locusts with a heap of rope-based activities. Sweet.