Your vision for the future of war - Gears of War 2

The best of the rest

Finger slicing
The Blade Rifle has a sensor that is able to sense if the user is COG or Locust, Frankie Massingham from Liverpool tells us. Pick up the wrong team’s gun and it slices off your digits.

Ripped in two
Here’s what Sean Carr’s got to say: “The Lacerator fires a blade that impales your assailant, before splitting into an arc, tearing your victim wide open.”

Deadly testicle
We’re not ageist here. Thirty-six-year-old Darren Morton’s excellent entry - the face-shredding Earwig, resplendent with Spiky Nad attachment - just goes to show that you’re never too old to be violent. Entrants ranged from nine to 46.

May go pop
How does the “Phatty” Gun work? Basically it “contains poison that makes things go pop” says Daniel Williams. Wherever the hell that is. Bonus points for trying it out on what looks like a Pokémon trainer.

Golden gun
Rosco Fraser actually took the trouble to make his entry: the limb-loppingly powerful Cerberus.

Naked flames
By far the most professional entry. And not a bad idea, either: the Pyro-Launcher is used to hook Gears from behind their cover. What next? Well, creator Andy Wintrip reckons it’s then time to get up close and personal with Mr. Flamethrower.

This probably isn’t one you’d want to take home to discuss with your mom, or someone with heart problems. Sneak up to an enemy and place The Venus Trap over his jaw, then run off and watch as it rips his head clean open. Someone’s been watching too much Saw - and that some-one is Tom Metcalfe.