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You haven't missed them yet! The 10 best deals still available

We might now be 48 hours past the official Black Friday, but that doesn't mean that the deals have stopped. While discounts come and discounts go, some excellent deals have loyally stuck around for the duration. So, we thought it was also time for a condensed Sunday round-up of the 10 best UK offerings still available. 

Reading on, you'll find a focused best-of covering everything from TVs, to consoles, to accessories, even down to a cool toy or two. And if you're looking for more deals on specific gaming platforms, just follow the links below. 

1. A glorious 4K TV at a ludicrous price 

LG 43 inch 4K smart TV with HDR for £349 (was £549): This is the pick of this weekend's TVs. With lush colours and a massive price drop, it's the best way to show off your new 4K. 

2. An Xbox One X, with its shiniest game absolutely free

Xbox One X (1TB) + Forza Motorsport 7 for £449.99 (was £474.48): Speaking of showing off, few Xbox One X games emphasise the 4K sheen like Forza. And you can get it with an X without paying an extra penny. 

3. A four-game Xbox One bundle for a price that feels criminal 

Xbox One S with Forza Horizon 3 & Hot Wheels Expansion Pack, Doom, Forza 7, Fallout 4 and 3 months of Xbox Live Gold for £179 (was £289.95): Don't feel the need to upgrade yet? That's fine. With a silly deal on a bundle like this, it's really fine. 

4. A sub-£300 PS4 Pro bundle with three (count 'em!) games 

PS4 Pro + COD: WW2, GT Sport, Fallout 4 for £299.99 (was £407.96): A 4K console, three strong games, dozens if not hundreds of hours of play between them, all for less than £300. You won't leave the house for months. 

5. A sub-£200 PS4 with even more games than the last bundle 

PS4 with FIFA 18, GT Sport, Fallout 4 & Knowledge Is Power for £199.99 (Save £82.97): We're pretty sure that this deal isn't cursed, but at a price like this you might wonder. A PS4, four games, and almost guaranteed no creepy ghost girls. 

6. A Switch and its biggest game for the smallest price around 

Nintendo Switch with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for £309.99 (was £329.98): Nintendo's best console in years, and one of the best games of all time, with a healthy discount. If you're thinking of jumping into the Switch, this is the way. 

7. A mighty fine deal on a rather mighty laptop 

Acer Predator with GTX 1050Ti for £899.99 (was £1,199.99): Looking to get into portable PC gaming, but don't want to shatter your savings? A GTX 1050Ti, Core i5 processor, and a massive 16 GB of RAM with £300 off is a good route to take. 

8. Almost £100 off a wheely good racing accessory 

Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel and Pedals for £205.19 (was £299): PS4, PS3, or PC, with a set of controls like this, all you'll be missing is the exhaust. But that's no bad thing. Almost-real driving with zero emissions and £94 off. 

9. A good gaming headset at a price that sounds great 

HyperX Cloud Revolver Pro Gaming Stereo Headset for £58.99 (was £99.99): A wide sound-stage for great atmosphere and strategic awareness, and a noise-reducing mic for entirely more efficient synchronised fragging. All with a big 41% off.

10. Your personal TIE Fighter with a price on the Light side 

Propel Star Wars Battle Quadcopter TIE-Fighter Advanced for £119.99 (was £199.99): The Emperor only knows the cost of a full-sized TIE Fighter, but this quadcopter version is surely far, far less. Let the deals flow through you!