You can play as the Bernie Sanders inauguration meme in SoulCalibur 6 now

Bernie faces Sophia in this unusual match
(Image credit: Bandai Namco / User619)

Someone has inserted the Bernie Sanders meme into SoulCalibur 6.

Just when you think you've seen Senator Bernie Sanders – and his mittens, of course – in every meme possible, SoulCalibur 6 fans have delivered the ultimate mod to insert him as a playable character in the fighting game.

Using the same chair he selected during US President Joe Biden's inauguration, Bernie's able to magically shoot about the place. Here, take a look:

Although it's possible to create a vast array of different looks thanks to the game's character creation options, this mod - created thanks to the artistic skills of User619 and Twitterer JoeMashups - instead replaces Azwel with the might of the mittened warrior (thanks, NME). 

Do you have the final DLC character for Season Pass 2 in SoulCalibur 6? Fan-favourite Hwang made his first appearance for the fighting series way back in 1995, and has appeared as a playable character in Soul Edge, SoulCalibur, and SoulCalibur 3. Up until now, however, he'd only been an NPC - much to many fighting fans' frustration.

As with prior DLC characters, Hwang is available for no extra cost for Season Pass holders, but those keen to get Hwang onto their roster without the pass can purchase him separately, too.

Will this be the final season pass for SoulCalibur 6 or does Namco Bandai have more content up its sleeve? The publisher isn't spilling the beans just yet but, as always, we'll keep you posted. 

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