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You can pet the dog in Monster Hunter Rise

(Image credit: Capcom)

The Monster Hunter Twitter account has just shown that you can pet your doggy sidekick in new footage taken from Monster Hunter Rise. 

The short clip shows the playable character teaching the Palamute companion multiple tricks, like shaking their paw and balancing a treat on their nose. Pure joy. 

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Monster Hunter Rise was first announced during a Nintendo Direct mini in September and is the next mainline game in Capcom’s popular Monster Hunter series which is coming to Nintendo Switch March 2021. 

Another trailer from the Tokyo Game Show also depicted the playable character riding the armoured dog as a mount, as well as jumping on its back to climb walls. It was also confirmed that Palimute’s do not run out of stamina while sprinting so you're able to chase down monsters for long periods of time without having to slow down. Other things to note about your Palimute is that while mounted, will be also able to use items to heal back up. It's clear that the Palimute companion will play a big part in the gameplay of Monster Hunter Rise and the petting is just another plus. 

It was also confirmed that the Palicoes will be at your side once again, so you’ll have not one, but two furry friends fighting at your side. In Monster Hunter Rise, your Palimute will act as an aggressive partner, while your Palico will be more supportive so you can use any combination of the two with your own for a dynamic playstyle. However, the game's multiplayer mode only allows for one companion per player, so you will, sadly, have to choose between your Palico or your Palimute.

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