You can buy a Switch and a copy of Smash Bros. Ultimate for 10% off right now, just in time for launch

With over 20 million systems out in the wild right now, it’s undeniable that the Switch has been a massive success for Nintendo. A handheld-console hybrid was a no-brainer for the creator of the Nintendo DS, which outsold the best-selling home console of all-time - the PlayStation 2 - at 154 million units worldwide. And though it comes short of pushing as many pixels as the PS4 and Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch has a library full of exclusive masterpieces that can’t legally be played elsewhere. Best of all, it’s $269.99 from Newegg’s eBay store right now, 10% off its $299.99 list price, as long as you use the promo code PHLDAYTEN

Get the Nintendo Switch for $269.99 (10% off) at eBay

Get the Nintendo Switch for $269.99 (10% off) at eBay
Uniquely versatile, the Nintendo Switch is the one major console that you can play on the train. Plus, it's the only way to beat the hell out of King K. Rool as Isabelle from Animal Crossing.

Part of a larger effort to take 10% off "everything" on the site, eBay’s December Dozen sale obviously doesn’t apply to everything it has listed, but there are thousands of products you can save on right now. Yes, this includes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which just came out today. Applying the code at checkout results in a price drop of $6. Since shipping is free, you’re effectively getting a Switch and a copy of a brand-new game for $323.98, $36 less than sticker price. If it’s been a while since you last played a Smash game, a lot's changed since the olden days. The roster, for instance, now consists of a whopping 76 characters.

Meanwhile, the Switch itself is a nifty little console, one that can be played in a number of different arrangements. Included in the box is a plastic, HDMI-connected dock that you can slide the Switch handheld inside of whenever you want to game on the TV. While docked, performance is often improved, with the Switch lending itself to higher frame rates and resolutions. As the controllers (called Joy-Cons) on the Switch are detachable, you don’t have to buy a separate controller for playing it in docked mode either, even if it is tempting to shell out for the Xbox-like Pro controller in order to better perfect your Smash skills for competitive play.

The timing couldn’t be better for a Switch deal like this, so we suggest snatching one up now while it’s still 10% off. Beginning tomorrow, December 8 at midnight EST, this coupon code will expire and you’ll be forced to buy the whole lot from Ninty at full price. To avoid being a sucker, head on over to eBay and peruse the whole selection. While you’re at it, peep our roundup of the best Switch games on the market. Then, once you’ve locked down the essentials, direct your attention to our top recommendations of Switch accessories. All will prepare you for an entirely new world of play, equal parts suited for on-the-road and in-your-house gaming.

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