Here's where you can buy a 500GB PS4 with FIFA 17 for £149 and other PS4 deals

UPDATE: Tesco have sold out however here's where you can still find similar deals on the original PS4 500GB. If you don't already have a PS4, these deals are incredible. At £149.99 the Star Wars bundle is less than half price.  

Smyths Toys - £149 500 GB PS4 deal with FIFA
Argos -
£149.99 500GB PS4 with Lego Star Wars & Star Wars Blu-Ray
John Lewis -
£149.99 500GB PS4 with Lego Star Wars & Star Wars Blu-Ray

Quick note: For Smyths Toys it looks like the console and game are full price but are discounted when you add them together.

GAME Stores are also selling these bundles, along with the PS4 1TB at £179.99.

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 We don't really highlight video game deals here on GamesRadar - not unless they're something really noteworthy or something we can recommend. But as you can see from the headline, this sale is exceptional: walk into Tesco or head online and you can grab a non-slim 500GB PS4, along with a copy of FIFA 17, for £149.

If 500GB isn't quite enough storage for you, there's also a 1TB PS4 and FIFA 17 bundle for £179, also available both online and in-store. Basically, if you want a PS4 and a copy of FIFA, you're all set - unless you want a white 500GB PS4 with FIFA 17 for £149. That's an in-store only sale.

Not a sports fan but still want that shiny new Sony console? Just like with the FIFA bundles, you can get a 500GB PS4 with LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens for £149 or a 1TB PS4 with LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens for £179. Unlike the FIFA bundles though, these deals are not available in-store.

Lastly, if you've already got your system of choice sitting at home and just want a copy of EA's soccer sim, FIFA 17 for PS4 and FIFA 17 for Xbox One are both on sale for £40.

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