Yes, you really can save $150 on an Xbox Series X right now

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This is not a drill. The Xbox Series X just dropped to a brand new record low price at Walmart, with a stunning $150 discount. This definitely isn't going to last long - it could be a matter of hours before that price returns to normal, so we certainly wouldn't wait before heading to checkout. 

For reference, we've never seen Xbox Series X deals drop below $400 in the past - and yet here we're down to just $349 for the new generation console. Considering those numbers have only ever dipped down to $449 in the past (and $439 in bundle form over Black Friday) this is a particularly special offer. 

There are a few caveats here. It looks like these Xbox deals are largely region-dependent, dropping the price to $349 where stores have an excess of stock left over from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you're in a region where these consoles aren't being held in-store, you'll have the shipping option open to you, but a slightly raised $429.99 sales price. 

Xbox Series X | $499 $349 at Walmart
Save $150 -

Xbox Series X | $499 $349 at Walmart
Save $150 - This is a brand new record low price on the Xbox Series X, with Walmart dropping the $500 console to just $349 right now. Honestly, that's a massive surprise and we wouldn't expect this to last too long. 

Should you buy the Xbox Series X?

If you're on the hunt for a next-generation console this holiday season, the Xbox Series X is a lot cheaper than the PS5. In fact, with this $150 discount applied, we would recommend even those looking at the $299 Xbox Series S upgrade to this full-fat model. With PS5 bundles still stuck at $499, you're making a considerable saving by heading to Microsoft's side here. That's excellent news for anyone who prefers the freedom of Game Pass compared to the exclusives on Sony's platform. 

In fact, if you've got the cash to splash we'd also recommend this Xbox deal to anyone thinking about doubling up their consoles. Whether you're picking up an extra Xbox for another room or you want the best of both worlds with a split PS5 and Xbox setup, $349 is a fantastic price for a secondary device. 

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