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Xbox could reveal five new games at E3 2021 according to leaker

Xbox Game Pass
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Xbox could reveal five brand new games at E3 2021 next month according to a new rumor from a respected leaker.

This new comment comes from Klobrille (opens in new tab), who has a storied record of leaking Xbox-related announcements ahead of time. Over on the Xbox forums (opens in new tab), the leaker claimed that current plans have Xbox showcasing five brand new, AAA games at E3 2021 next month in June, although Klobrille is quick to add that plans are very much "still fluctuating" and anything could change between now and then.

Note that, according to the leaker, these five announcements include games surrounding both Xbox Game Pass and Bethesda Game Studios. Of course, Bethesda was purchased last year in September 2020 by Microsoft, with the deal being finalized earlier this year after being cleared to proceed by the European Union.

Right now, there's no indication as to what these new games could potentially be. Klobrille doesn't name any particular game in particular, but the leaker specifically mentions that Bethesda-related games are included in the five new titles, so we could be about to see a brand new game from either Bethesda Game Studios or a studio owned by Bethesda, like Tango Gameworks or Arkane.

As for E3 2021, there's now just a few weeks until the showcase itself kicks off on the weekend of Saturday, June 12. For more on when everything's taking place next month, head over to our full E3 2021 schedule guide for more.

For a full guide to all the games arriving on Xbox's next-gen console over the coming months, head over to our upcoming Xbox Series X games guide for more.

Hirun Cryer
Hirun Cryer

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