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Xbox Series X restock: where could the console appear this Friday?

Xbox Series X restock
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Series X restock deals historically see the most activity on Fridays. It's never guaranteed, of course, but we wouldn't be surprised if Walmart and Microsoft were loading up a fresh supply of systems ready to go live at some point today; it's been just over a week since a drop happened, so we're definitely overdue. 

When it comes to the big-box retailers, Best Buy and GameStop have been quiet recently, but given that the end of the week seems to be the ideal time for them to drop Xbox Series X restock deals, it's entirely possible that they could break their silence today or over the weekend. 

We generally recommend keeping a close eye on Amazon for any Xbox Series X restocks too. Though sudden and unpredictable, the world's largest online retailer can have the systems in stock seemingly at random. It isn't unusual for the news to fly under the radar, so watch carefully. 

And if you've been interested in a Limited Edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X pre-order, sadly, you may have just missed the boat for now with a few online stores. However, other retailers have yet to list potential deals and bundle prices as its November 15 release date comes ever closer. 

Xbox Series X restock: last known locations

Xbox Series X restock: buying advice 

Xbox Series X restocks may be a little few and far between at the moment, but it pays off immeasurably, especially in our experience, to know how to take advantage of the rare times that the consoles are in circulation.

Trusted retailers: It may be tempting to pay over-the-odds to secondary sources, such as accounts on social media claiming that they have the system available for an inflated price, but you should only ever purchase an Xbox Series X restock from the trusted retailers as listed above.

Price: The Xbox Series X retails for $499.99 / £449. It's worth reiterating, if you are thinking of spending over this price point, that you ensure you're getting the console with some of the best Xbox Series X accessories - such as the best Xbox Series X headset - or the best Xbox Series X games available right now. 

Bundle up: If you've attempted to buy an Xbox Series X in the chaos of a limited time window, then you'll know that queues are commonplace to get your shot at bagging one. Generally, we recommend aiming for a bundle that could feature games packed in instead of the system standalone as they are less competitively fought over. There's nothing worse than waiting up to, or over, an hour just to discover that all the Xbox Series X restocks have since been snatched up. 

Beat the rush: Of course, having your payment information and billing address filled out preemptively is a good way to cut down on those few precious seconds/minutes that could be the difference between you getting an Xbox Series X restock and you being empty-handed. Being logged in to store accounts is the best way to go to mitigate disappointment. 

Be patient: We can't stress the importance of keeping calm and collected when you see those 'in stock' or 'buy now' notifications on the listing pages. We know that it can be easy to get lost in the rush of things, but keeping a cool head and knowing what you're aiming for when it's your turn to buy is key above all else. 

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