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Xbox Series X restock: check in with the best-bet retailers now

Xbox Series X deals
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Here we are again, in the latest week of chasing Xbox Series X restocks. 

It's feeling as futile as ever, but it might be getting better slowly, just through the passing of time: as we complete another week, we're both closer to the next week's potential Xbox Series X restocks, but also we're edging closer to a state of affairs where stock does indeed level out. We don't know when that is, and we may be doing this for months, but at least we're closer.

Anyway, we're not expecting too much drama today (Tuesday). It's another day where the best tactic is to camp and refresh on those usual suspects and hope for a random Xbox stock drop - it has happened, and will happen again, where retailers just go rogue and drop it unexpectedly. Here are the best bets now:

In terms of a recap of last week and what patterns we might be able to work with, all of Target, GameStop, Microsoft, and Costco had Xbox Series X restocks of some description in the early parts of last week. This is promising and there were a good number of wins for folks, but, inevitably, inventories were not massive and stock went quickly. 

Best Buy didn't have any - of if it was there it was gone in milliseconds as usual - but that retailer is always worth a look, and Amazon has been uncharacteristically barren recently, but the mega-retailer is always worth checking too.

It might feel futile sometimes, and certainly an extraordinary amount of effort just to buy a nice thing, but we're here to help. Given the increasingly random nature of the restocks, it's becoming increasingly important - where possible - to keep abreast of basically all the retailers, at any given time. Even weekends are no longer sacred and void of Xbox Series X restocks with GameStop dropping last Saturday, so keep abreast when you can, and make sure you check in regularly with all the retailers on this page.

Xbox Series X restock at Walmart

Walmart has previous form with going live with Xbox Series X restocks on Thursday afternoons (ET) so watch out for this one tomorrow. The retailer helpfully updates the listings to confirm this too, which is something we wish others would follow suit on. However, there's often a small handful of waves of the stock so all is not lost if the first batch gets hoovered up quickly.

Walmart Plus 15-day free trial
If you're browsing for an Xbox Series X|S console, at Walmart then you might consider grabbing the new Walmart Plus service while you're there - you can get a 15-day free trial as easy as pie right now. This gets you free grocery deliveries - sometimes with same-day delivery - and free, incredibly fast shipping on items from well as discounted fuel, and 'mobile scan and go' for checkout-free shopping in-store (when it's safe to go and do so).
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Xbox Series X restock at Best Buy

As is now (sort of) customary, Fridays mean Best Buy could very well drop an Xbox Series X restock today. This usually happens between 12pm (ish) and 3pm (ish) ET. But be vigilant and ready beforehand and after too. Here are the pertinent links to get you going:

Xbox Series X

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Xbox Series X restock at Amazon

Xbox Series X | $499 | Check at Amazon
Certainly our preference on the hardware team, this version of the console is the full fat model, offering the fullest of hardware upgrades and being the variant with the disc drive which you can put any Xbox game disc into to enjoy. The distinctive packaging and box itself have been winning fans over and it's hard to miss online or in-store.View Deal

Xbox Series S | $399 | Check at Amazon
This is the slimmed-down, digital-only version of Microsoft's latest console and offers something slightly different for those looking to get a new-gen experience. While not quite as powerful as the Series X (no 4K gaming here), the Series S costs way less and offers a great way to play your digital-only collection of games. Being starkly different in design and packaging the white design is an eye-catcher on shelves and listings online too. Digital games are often more expensive than discs, so just bear that in mind before committing to this model if you're undecided.
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Unfortunately, not all the go-to Xbox Series X restock stores have, or will have, reliable or predictable patterns. This means it's certainly worth trying your luck whenever you have an opportunity to visit the sites - as much as the patterns help we have heard of random success stories at almost every time of day and place imaginable.

Xbox Series X - $499

Xbox Series S - $299

Xbox controller

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Tips to buy an Xbox Series X or S at Amazon, Walmart, Target

Sign in early: Don't forget to sign in to any accounts beforehand - or just permanently. I often do this when I'm chasing something, particularly at the beginning of each day. You'll then be ready to go if and when an Xbox Series X restock happens.

Get your payment details ready: There certainly have been a few horror stories over the past months of folks having items removed or become unavailable just because they couldn't check out fast enough. It seems very harsh, but it still happens. To avoid a disaster like that, have your payment details on-hand or logged in with the website or your account already.

Use multiple devices: Not necessarily always possible, but we have heard of success stories here - particularly when moving from one to the other. First, by using multiple devices, you boost the odds in your favor by checking websites with multiple devices, but some people have had luck adding an Xbox Series X console into their basket from a retailer's app, the switching to desktop to finish the purchase. We'll take anything.

Know the price: Seems obvious but in the rush, some folks can gloss over this. The Xbox Series X costs $499.99, while Xbox Series S will set you back $299.99. If you see any offers that are more expensive than that for just the console then don't buy them - they're either scalping or scamming you.

Keep refreshing the page: Preparing yourself for a drop? An Xbox Series X restock won't let you add the console to your basket ahead of time, so refresh the page ahead of the drop to grab it as soon as possible.

Bundles sell out slower: They'll set you back a bit more, but that's why Xbox Series X restock bundles are worth considering: fewer people seem to go after the bundles if a solo console is available, so they don't sell out as fast. Our vote goes to any bundle with an extra controller - this will pay itself off in a blink of an eye and ensure you're always playing with a charged pad.

Watch out for Twitter trends: Keeping an eye on trends and stock accounts isn't a bad idea - they're a good early warning system for an Xbox Series X restock.

Here are those retailer links once again. Good luck!

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