Xbox Series X restock available at GameStop today

Xbox Series X restock
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While GameStop's Xbox Series X restock strategy has relied on incredibly expensive bundles over the last couple of weeks, in-store locations will hold new offers for Microsoft fans today. A tweet from the retailer yesterday stated that 'select stores' will offer more bundle offers in-person, though there's no news yet on whether this bounty of consoles will also reach online shelves. 

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Previous Xbox Series X restocks at GameStop had bundle prices soaring over $600, though yesterday offered up more stock in a second wave. If your local GameStop isn't taking part in today's drop, though, we'd recommend keeping a close eye on Best Buy

This retailer offered up its first Xbox Series X restock of 2022 last week, with the console by itself sitting on the shelves for around thirty minutes but stock was largely dependent on your local store's inventory. While smaller brands like Antonline and Costco have been regularly dropping new units, Best Buy seems to be saving itself for larger nationwide drops and another could be on the horizon soon. 

Of course, if you're tired of the chase, it's worth noting that there is an easy way out. Walmart, while unlikely to drop new stock outright this week, offers the All Access program. For $34.99 a month over the course of 24 months, you can pick up an Xbox Series X console today - and enjoy Game Pass Ultimate all the way through your repayment period. That's technically one of the best Xbox Series X deals available right now. You will need to open up a new line of credit with Walmart, however. 

Previous Xbox Series X restock dates

Xbox Series X restocks: hints and tips

If you're still coming up with an L with every Xbox Series X restock, there are a few tricks you can employ to turn the tide in your favor. We've been tracking Xbox stock since that first wave on launch day, and we've picked up a few tips along the way.

1. Sign in ahead of time and save payment info
There's no doubt about it, these consoles are difficult to wrestle into your cart. Once you've bagged yourself a live one, though, it's even harder to hold onto it. Make sure you sign into the retailer of your choice ahead of time and save your payment information (you can always delete it again after the drop). This will save you valuable seconds at checkout and avoid a last-minute snipe.

2. Combine desktop and mobile searches
If you do stumble across a restock, it's worth whipping your phone out as well. Some stores like Walmart offer separate retail apps that may update faster during the big rush (especially if the site is overwhelmed by users). Keep both working in tandem to give yourself as many opportunities as possible.

3. Keep pushing
Xbox Series X restocks usually kick off with an 'out of stock' sign, but we wouldn't give up straight away. Retailers launch their drops in waves to keep everything running smoothly (well, as smoothly as possible). That means you need to keep refreshing, and have as many tabs open as possible. Brute force is often the name of the game here.

4. Don't give up
If you miss out on this Xbox Series X restock it's still not worth heading over to the pricey reseller side of the internet. These consoles drop back into stock fairly regularly - you just have to work to grab one - which means paying over RRP just isn't worth it yet.

If you manage to speed through checkout in today's Xbox Series X restock we'd recommend checking out the best Xbox Series X accessories and all the best Xbox Game Pass deals to get you started with your new console. Or, if you're simply after a cheaper experience, take a look at everything you get for the Xbox Series S price.

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